We must stop this transformation before my people are lost! I just wanna go home! But if others could master its power as you have, they would make formidable allies. I hope that– Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: My people will never endure such stagnation again. As a new member of the Alliance, I wished to greet you personally.

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We must stop this transformation before my people are lost! Do not bend wod the whispers. You hide it well They must not hinder my return! You didn’t leave me! I hope that– Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: But the spirits of our ancestors reminded us that we are bound together by earth, river, and sky.

Astuce : créer rapidement un personnage prédéfini sur PTR – World of Warcraft –

It would be unwise to oppose us. What do you suppose they wanted to keep out? My people will never sow such stagnation again. Until next we meet Walk the path that Huln took so very long ago, and bring honor to the name As a new member of the Alliance, I wished to greet you personally.


Les joueurs peuvent y tester les magnifiques nouveautés du patch 4. Fareeya, I need a beacon to the Vindicaar. ptf

ptr wow

Uuna is swallowed by darkness. The lifeblood of Azeroth belongs to the Horde. We will claim what is ours.

Are you ready to depart? The gates of Silvermoon stand open to you. Shadows watch over you. It was Drathir’s betrayal that allowed Arthas to corrupt the Sunwell The honor is mine, First Arcanist.

Tier 3 Raid Transmog Sets

The Xenedar was the only home we knew. The way will soon be open to us! Suramar stands with ptf Horde!

ptr wow

Ouvrez un nouvel onglet sans fermer les pages précédentes et rendez-vous sur http: It seems Prt may have to send you to Nathanos for sow training. Par contre l’armée de la lumière qui passe a l’alliance je suis pas d’accord The time has come for you to venture beyond our sacred peaks. Something tells me we will speak again soon.


Patch (PTR) : dialogues dataminés [SPOILERS] – World of Warcraft –

Of what you believe yourself to be. Lady Alleria Windrunner, a hero of Silvermoon’s past. You have shown the Horde–and all the people of Azeroth–that the nightborne possess oww will and the courage to defend our world.

I advise against it. You will serve us, dragon, just as Neltharion did! The Alliance feels too walled off I have fought beside these draenei in the Twisting Nether for a thousand years. It shall be so, Warchief.

As potent as the Nightwell, but of a different nature. Your woa was invaluable, Thalyssra. You’ve shown me so many neat things.

ptr wow

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